25th Anniversary Print Limited Edition Giclée by Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge

This print commemorates the first 25yrs.of Shotridge Studios being in business, marketing The Shotridge Collection: A series of reproductions designed by Tlingit Master Artist Israel Shotridge. 

Kinaa Kinaa (Sue Shotridge) and Kinstaa´daa´l (Israel Shotridge) have been working together as a team promoting, preserving and perpetuating Tlingit art and culture for 25 years. 

Kinaa Kinaa is a member of the Kiksadi Raven Frog clan ( represented in the Frog Canoe ) from Wrangell, Alaska, and Kinstaa´daa´l is a member of the Teikweidee Bear clan ( represented in the Bear Canoe )  of the Tongass Tribe from Ketchikan, Alaska. Together, Sue and Israel Shotridge joined hands 25yrs ago as well in their marriage and have made their home and business base on Vashon Island, WA. 

The colors in the limited edition art print are very rich and will withstand time. Attached to the back of the print is a certificate including the photograph of the Artist, brief Bio and image description.
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