Raven & Frog Canoe Drum Ornament

Raven & Frog Canoe Drum Ornament. Great for the holiday tree, and a special and unique holiday gift! The Shotridge Collection: Designed by Tlingit Artist, Israel Shotridge

3.5" handmade skin drum made of all natural materials. Includes a tag with information about the artist.

Raven is most important of all creatures to the people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. It was Raven -- "The Trickster" -- who created the world. This design includes the Frog figure, which is a sub-clan of the Raven moiety. Frog is a creature of great importance in Northwest Coast culture because it lives in two worlds, water and land. Frog is revered for its adaptability, knowledge and power to inhabit both natural and, supernatural realms. This Raven & Frog Canoe design was created to represent and to honor the "Kiksadi" (Frog) clan of Southeast Alaska.

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