Alchemia Zero Gold Lovebird Post Earrings, Northwest Native Design Stud Earrings

These exquisite zero gold earrings are designed by Israel Shotridge.

The earrings feature the Lovebird design by Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge. The symbol of the Lovebirds is a very popular one, representing the union of the Eagle and the Raven as one. In sticking with tradition, a tribal member who was an Eagle would choose to marry a member of the opposite clan, that of the Raven.

Alchemía, (pronounced al-KHEM-ee-uh), is inspired by the ancient mythical craft of transforming lesser metals into gold. Alchemía is a blend of base metals that when combined simulate the look and feel of 18K gold. Alchemia or 'Zero Karat Gold' is not plated.
- The metal is nickel-free, lead-free and lacquered, thus making it hypoallergenic.
- A cost effective alternative to precious metals.
- Handcrafted and has the same superior quality of Sterling Silver.

Lovebird element: 3/4in.

Your jewelry will arrive in a gift box.

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